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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Him- £50 Or Under

It can be hard to find the perfect gift at Christmastime, and it’s going to be even more […]

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Him- £50 Or Under

17 June 2021
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It can be hard to find the perfect gift at Christmastime, and it’s going to be even more of a chore this year. On top of everything else, no one wants to be rushing around a packed shopping centre, frantically searching for those final last-minute gifts. More people are opting to shop online than ever before, but that doesn’t make it any easier to pick something out of the thousands of options available. Worry not, because all of the little elves here at Alton Garden Centre have prepared a list of the absolute best gifts available this year. Today’s list is dedicated to all the guys out there. Whether you’re buying for your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, or friend, you’ll find something here to suit him.

The Handy V3000 Variable-Speed Electric Blower & Vacuum


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They say a man’s home is his castle. If that’s the case, then his lawn and garden are surely his castle grounds. Help him keep his kingdom free from grass clippings and autumn leaves with The Handy V3000 Variable-Speed Electric Blower & Vacuum. Lightweight, quiet, and powerful, this comprehensive little machine is the perfect tool for everyday clean-up jobs around the garden. It plugs into the mains and makes effective use of its internal 3000 watt motor to output wind speeds of up to 167 mph, with a simple switch that allows effortless switching between blowing and vacuuming functions, without the need to change the nozzle! Give him the gift of a clean and tidy garden this year.

Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Pointed Spade


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Leave the diamonds to the ladies; tools are a man’s best friend, and perhaps no other tool is quite as simple, effective, and instantly recognisable as the mighty spade. You may ask “a spade is a spade, what makes this one so special?”, and while it is true that there is not much room for ground-breaking innovation when it comes to tools like these, we still confidently recommend the Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Pointed Spade. A robust ash wood handle, an extended shank for greatly improved strength, a larger tread edge for added comfort and usability, and a rust-resistant stainless steel head that has been strengthened and sharpened to a higher quality. Do we need to say more? Okay, if you insist… To top it all off, this deluxe spade comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that the lucky man in your life will always be entitled to a replacement in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

Weber’s ‘Greatest Hits’ BBQ Cookbook


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Is there anything more gratifying than being the grill master at a backyard BBQ? Give a man a grill, a spatula, and some meat, and he has everything he needs. But what about what he wants? He wants to cook up the best burgers in the neighbourhood, he wants to be the envy of barbecuers everywhere, he wants to be known as the King of the Grill! And if he wants that, then he needs the Weber’s ‘Greatest Hits’ BBQ Cookbook, a comprehensive list of 125 mouth-watering recipes to delight even the fussiest eaters. From lamb to fish, veggies to cheese, and even desserts, the experts at world-renowned BBQ manufacturer Weber have teamed up with fans to create this ultimate guide to getting the most out of any ingredient. Complete with tantalising full-page images and in-depth, easy to follow instructions, this is truly any BBQ lover’s best friend.

YETI Rambler 20 oz (1 Pint) Tumbler


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If there’s one thing that every man appreciates in a gift, it’s longevity. When something is built to last, to take a beating and keep on trucking: that is the ultimate sign of a good gift. On that note, what do you get when you cross a drinks container with a tank? You get YETI’s range of nearly indestructible, double-walled, insulated tumblers. Painstakingly engineered to keep drinks hot or cold for hours on end, while withstanding the full wrath of the elements, the Yeti Rambler 20 oz (1 Pint) Tumbler is the last drinks container he will ever need. Not only is it the toughest and highest-quality tumbler money can buy, it’s also available in a range of ‘DuraCoat’ colours, including Navy, Seafoam, and White. Alternatively, a simple stainless-steel finish is also available if he prefers that timeless look.

Bosch Easy GrassCut 26 Electric Strimmer


Bosch Final

He loves the lawnmower you got him for Christmas last year, but the economic uncertainty of this year means you can only budget for £50 or less per person… But no matter! There’s still something you can get him to help keep the grass trim and tidy, and it’s well within the spending limit that grants it a place on this list. It’s the Bosch Easy GrassCut 26 Electric Strimmer, and it can get into places that his mower can’t. Handy for narrow spaces, grass edges, and manoeuvring around trees, bushes, and flowerbeds, this is the perfect addition to any gardener’s arsenal. You’ll hear no complaints from him as he follows up his weekly mow with a quick and painless sweep around the lawn, cutting down those errant patches of grass that evade his lawnmower’s reach.

Town & Country Ultimax Gloves


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When grappling with nettles, thorns, coarse earth, and other abrasive garden debris for hours at a time, it is important to consider the impact on the hands. The trouble is that many men don’t prioritise wearing protective gloves when operating a chainsaw, let alone while doing their regular gardening tasks. If you know a man who could stand to take better care of his hands when working in the garden, consider gifting him a pair of Town & Country Ultimax Gloves, high-quality gloves that feature padded grips and velcro wrist straps. Unlike conventional plastic gardening gloves, these are breathable and comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, with no excess sweating or chafing. This makes them the perfect gift for any avid gardener.

Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Bypass Loppers


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From small tree branches, to out-of-control bamboo bushes, anyone who has ever needed to keep the heavy growth of their garden in check knows what an arduous task it can be. Maybe you’ve heard your local bloke bemoaning the fact that he has to trim his trees? That dull old pair of loppers from ten years ago certainly don’t make the job any easier, so why not gift him a solution in the form of the Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Bypass Loppers, which cut through even the thickest growth with ease. On top of their powerful lever-action design, these loppers also feature telescopic handles, which make it much easier to trim those tall, hard to reach places, thus eliminating the need to trust in a rickety stepping stool or rusty stepladder. Go on, make his day. Get him properly kitted out with what he needs to keep his hedges presentable.

Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter Kit


Chimney Set Final

There’s no shame in struggling to get the barbecue started. Honest. Some men just have difficulties performing when it all comes down to it, and it’s especially awkward with an audience… As you stand there watching him try and fail to ignite the coals, sweating nervously as he stammers “T-This has never happened before, I swear!”, consider that it may be time to help him along a little. Throw away that old lighter fluid, because with this Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter Kit he can say goodbye to his ignition dysfunction, and say hello to perfectly cooked steaks, burgers, and more. When using the ingeniously designed chimney starter in conjunction with the instant lighter cubes, getting the charcoal briquettes good and glowing is a cinch, and he’ll soon regain confidence in his ability to serve up heaping portions of juicy meat! This is the ultimate bundle for BBQ beginners and master grillers alike.

YETI 5 Gallon Loadout Bucket


Bucket Final

Fishing, camping, building, repairs, DIY. All of these are quintessentially manly pursuits that require their own unique gear, from fishing tackle to caulk guns, and all that equipment must be hauled around somehow. He can’t bring his entire toolbox everywhere, but he can pack the essentials into the next best thing: A bucket is an elegant all-purpose solution, but only the YETI 5 Gallon Loadout Bucket can offer steadfast durability that puts it far, far ahead of its peers. Not only will he love this bucket, he’ll be very happy to see the range of accessories that he can get for it, which further specialise it for certain functions. Wraparound utility belts, internal caddies, and even an airtight lid reinforced to withstand up to 300lbs of pressure! Along with its accessories, this bucket boasts about as many uses as his bottle of WD40.

Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Lawn Rake


Rake Final

At some point in every man’s life, there comes a time when he must collect all of the leaves in his garden into a large pile, and then either: A) Dispose of them, B) Compost them, or C) Watch his dog jump in and scatter them all around. This is a time-honoured tradition between man and his best friend, and it can be made better only with the help of a new and improved rake. Enter the Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Leaf Rake, the only tool he will ever need (other than Max’s tennis ball) to make clearing the lawn of leaves and other debris as effortless as possible. It features an ash wood handle and a 16 tine stainless steel head, as well as the same 15 year warranty that all Kent & Stowe gardening tools come with as standard.

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